QtPi Robotics

QtPi Robotics has built an ecosystem of over 50,000 children aged between 7-17 across India, since we started in 2016. It’s about time we pull students out of the rat race and teach them how to think instead of what to think! QtPi Robotics is doing just that!

QtPi was founded by passionate engineers and is backed by unparalleled technical expertise with an aligned vision to establish an ecosystem with a co-creating platform that empowers children to learn from compelling, best-in-class quality content through tactile learning.

What We Do

We provide affordable and customizable QtSchool STEAM curriculum to schools from K-12 and above, and we offer QtLabs which emphasizes on STEAM education.We focus on a unique learning paradigm called DESI which expands as Design, Electronics, Software and Integration with Design Thinking mindset.